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coach - therapist - trainer

A journey full of movement

As a child, teenager and young adult, being in movement was a necessity.

After a career devoted to body and artistic disciplines as a dancer, dance and women's gymnastics teacher, my path led me to become interested in the psychic functioning of the human being.
Around the age of 30, through my encounter with somatotherapy, I discovered the world of emotions: what an emotion is, its genesis, its usefulness, its evolution, and above all... how an emotion is inscribed in the body, structures it, sculpts it, makes it free or a prisoner.
I discover another way of considering the body, more gentle, more attentive, more respectful.

Happiness is not inaccessible,
it is a state that must be approached, tamed and cultivated meticulously.

For the past 25 years, I have never stopped learning and training in everything related to the fabulous complexity of the human being.
I am interested in many fields: anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, linguistics, naturopathy...
It is this versatility in my knowledge that allows me to establish links and direct people towards an appropriate technique or tool.

Multidisciplinary training
to meet your needs

Throughout my career, I have trained in innovative techniques, completing my range of skills to offer you a choice of proposals among the most innovative current techniques in personal development and well-being.

Bachelor's degree in psychology (Toulouse le Mirail University)

Certified :

  •  Somatotherapist (W.L. Institut Montpellier)

  • Professional coach (Institut Bee Formation Bordeaux)

  • Hypnosis practitioner (Bee Formation Bordeaux)

  • EFT Practitioner (Agen)

Holder of the Brevet d'Etat d'Éducateur Sportif (Paris)

A trainer at the service of professionals

Bringing to individuals, bringing to professionals; here is a quick presentation of the trainings I have been given.

  • Center of continuous training of the health professionals (Hospital of PAU): Management of the emotions

  • Conseil départemental des Pyrénées Atlantiques : Training of early childhood staff in psychomotricity and body awareness

  • SSIAD of LESCAR (64) : Training of the staff in the help relation

  • Retirement home "Les chênes" in MORLAAS (64) : Training of the nursing staff in the helping relationship

  • Association des Paralysés de France de MONTPELLIER : Training of the personnel in the helping relationship by the touch

  • Association of the psychosocial mutual aid of MONTPELLIER : Training of the personnel in the relation of help

Maître de conférences Femme
to reach as many people as possible
  • Alexis Peyret Center in SERRES CASTET (64) : Body and emotions

  • TOTAL Group (64) : Meditation for our well-being

  • Groupe TOTAL (64) : Neurosciences, well-being and brain

  • Salon Asphodèle (64) : For an ecology of well-being

  • Salon Asphodèle (64) : The stomach, our emotional brain

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