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Gestion du stress et des émotions / Burn out / Développement personnel / Relation d'aide

"Pour obtenir ce que vous n'avez jamais eu,
vous devez faire ce que vous n'avez jamais fait."

Thomas Jefferson


Catherine Hincelin
Expert in intra-personal relationships

With more than twenty five years of experience in the intra-personal relationship, graduate of psychology, somatotherapist, coach and trainer, I provide you with a range of skills for your development and fulfillment.

I offer individual therapy, massage training and thematic courses.

  •     Stress and emotion management

  •     Physical, mental and emotional recovery

  •     Prevention and management of burnout-syndrom

  •     Personal development and helping relationships

Vous aider

  • Gestion du stress et des émotions

  • Prévention et gestion du burn out

  • Crises et épreuves de la vie

  • Douleurs, tensions, blocages...

  • Développement personnel

Vous former

  • Formation à la relation d'aide par le massage évolutif

       (Base et perfectionnement)

  • Formation - coaching pour couple

Find your balance

You feel that your physical or psychological balance is fragile:

  • Chronic stress and burnout syndrom

  • Emotional difficulties

  • Body pain and tension

  • Loss of meaning and self-confidence

Let's study together the solutions to be put in place through a short, medium or long term follow-up so that you find your stability.

Étirement de yoga face à la mer

Understanding the body and mind

From my 25 years of experience, from my work on the body, on emotions and on the body-mind-emotions links, I have developed tools and strategies to help you solve your problems, whether they are of physical, emotional, mental or psychic origin.

Here are some of the techniques I use to help you get back to the best of yourself.


Neuro Linguistic Programming




Emotionnal Freedom Technique


Dominique L. -  Midwife -  Pau (64)

I met Catherine about ten years ago, and we started working together with a body approach that allowed me to free myself from a cumbersome past. Through touch, we were able to put words to these physical ailments and move forward together.
Over the years, Catherine's approach has been enriched with new practices and has further strengthened the quality of her accompaniment.
Finding a way out of difficult moments is possible thanks to her sympathetic listening.
She allows me to find my solutions with my own resources and to move forward positively, to choose the right path.
A really precious support!

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